Creating home-based memories: Knuddy Homes

Moving into your new-build home is really only the end of the first chapter. The story continues with the moments lived there, moments that translate into memories, which build on one another to create the tale of your life.

This is the philosophy that drives Ben Knudsen, owner of Canterbury building company Knuddy Homes. “We are a family business, and it is certainly not simply a 9-5 job for us,” says Ben. “We are all about creating the basis upon which your family fashions its lore and memories.”

Keen to take his partner and their two-year-old daughter on adventurous expeditions, Ben built a maimai, complete with power and gas hot water. “I know how central it is for my family and friends to create memories, and in my business I seek to translate that to the homes of other families. For me, your home is not just somewhere that you sleep. It is where your heart is.”

Ben and his team are based in Clarkville. “We have a rural and lifestyle block focus, and I definitely bring a farmer vibe to the process of creating new homes,” he says. Having an old school farmer style upbringing, Ben likes to do things on a handshake. “That’s how I am, and I believe in adding fun and joy to the serious technical side of building houses.”

While it’s all about the lifestyle for both Ben and his clients, “we don’t necessarily move slowly”, he adds. “We work hard, and then we play hard. We make memories in both areas, and we have time to smell the roses along the way too. It is important you really see what you have been
working for.”

Bringing visions to reality

A goal in launching the company was to show a different type of building; one that celebrates the process, as well as the result.

“I also want to play my part in raising the next generation of young builders. I want to see that they are well trained, well paid, and looked after,” says Ben.

His team enjoys building in a wide range of styles. “I personally love the architectural, and massive country style builds,” says Ben, “anything that is quirky, hand-made, and brings the apprentices to the next level.”

Ensuring clients get what they dream of sees Ben sitting with his clients at the beginning. “I hear their vision, talk about what they love and the life they live. I’m focused on making sure there is an OMG in every corner. I want them constantly thrilled as they move around their new home, and that there is a wow factor that lasts.”

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