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Supervision for organisations and workplace managers is a valuable tool for those leading others at work or within their discipline. Catherine Overend of Braided Foundations Limited says no matter what the vocation, supervision brings more clarity and allows you to determine how best to move forward with any given situations that may arise within your line of work. “It helps us to become more focused on attaining what we want, while keeping ourselves safe and secure within our roles and alerting us to the integrity and trust necessary in our positions; and adhere to any ethical boundaries or codes of conduct.”



Braided Foundations is made up of a team of experienced counsellors from diverse backgrounds, providing a range of different skills, including employment assisted counselling, in-house workshops and supervision for organisations; as well as private counselling for individuals, couples and families. “We as professionals are also required to attend supervision on a regular basis – it helps us to manage our work and ourselves, and to work more effectively and efficiently.”

Supervision is a joint endeavour in which a person aims to develop and improve the quality of their own or other’s work. It’s about transforming relationships and for supervisees to develop themselves and their practice, in order to bring about more effective and efficient methods within the context of the organisation’s operational guidelines. Braided Foundations can provide high calibre supervision, where a contract is formed between the supervisor and supervisee to develop a working relationship with integrity, openness and trust. The supervisor needs to understand the systemic context of the organisation to work effectively with the supervisee on a wider social, cultural, political and individual perspective.

The Braided Foundations team offers effective and efficient supervision to managers, team leaders and individuals carrying heavy workloads who need support to determine the best way to operate within systems, cooperate with colleagues and staff, and to challenge their beliefs and knowledge around working with people in a more effective manner.


Workshops are also available for staff groups to grow their capacity within their work as well as relationships with staff and clients. Each seminar caters to an organisation’s requirements, covering a range of topics including alcohol and drug use awareness, bullying, stress, depression and anxiety.

An alcohol and drug workshop, for example, would involve education and information around the problems associated with these in the workplace and an understanding of how use in private can affect workplace performance and safety. This may lead onto 1-1 motivational coaching or counselling that does not interfere with the individual’s livelihood.

Better health and wellbeing equate to better productivity in the workplace, Catherine says. “We are honest, reliable and intentional in delivering a service that will bring about personal growth and development, which in turn will benefit your organisation.”

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