Courageous Canines

Dogs are truly remarkable creatures that have shown their capabilities in a variety of jobs.

From service dogs, assisting people with disabilities, to dogs that can sniff out diseases, to therapy dogs who comfort those in need, these furry companions make a difference in many people’s lives every day. One job that often goes unnoticed is the role of rescue dogs during natural disasters.

During the Christchurch earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, trained dogs helped with search and rescue missions. These heroic dogs worked alongside their human counterparts, tirelessly sniffing out survivors who were buried under rubble. Diesel, a springer spaniel, and Boss, a Border Collie, were among the many dogs who played a crucial role in finding survivors and providing emotional support during a time of crisis.

Their keen senses and specialised training allowed them to quickly locate people. Their friendly and gentle demeanour also helped to provide comfort to those awaiting rescue, showing the remarkable bond between dogs and humans.

The work of these rescue dogs demonstrates just how valuable they can be during natural disasters. Worldwide, canines are used for locating people on mountains, in the aftermath of earthquakes, and floods.



A trained search dog can detect human scent up to 200 metres away, making their ability to search far superior to modern technology, and to

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