Contain yourself: Lushingtons Garden, Gifts and Cafe

Whether you have a large country garden, or a modest patio, pots and baskets offer you masses of growing prospects.

Growing plants in containers is easy, and it creates instant and changeable displays right outside your back door. If there is length and perspective to your garden, one large bright pot placed at the end creates a focal point and encourages a walk down for a closer look.

Many plants are suitable for pots and baskets, from perennials and bedding plants to bulbs, shrubs, and even fruit and vegetables. However, choosing the right plant for the right place is key. At Lushingtons Garden, Gifts and Café, the expert staff can show you the ideal plant for shady spots such as dwarf
pieris, heuchera, and dwarf maples. Sun-loving options include nandinas, daisies, and dwarf fruit trees. Dichondra ‘silver falls’, cascading lobelia, and fuchsias look fabulous trailing from a basket.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. The range of colours and textures is huge,” says co-owner Miranda Morrow. “Visit us at Lushingtons. We would love to help.”

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