Combat the Winter blues

Combat the Winter blues

When the cold weather hits and there’s less daylight in the day, a figurative dark cloud hovers over many of us, making it hard to coax ourselves out of a cosy, warm nest of blankets.

Combat the Winter blues

It happens to the best of us. Here are some things to help get you through the last of the winter days. Hopefully these tasks can bring some light to your life.


1.Elevate your mood with aromatherapy – diffuse uplifting essential oils, such as lavender, wild orange or peppermint in your home.

2.Create a calming, happy atmosphere in your home by adding splashes of warm, happy colours through accessories such as throw pillows or artwork. Place candles in your lounge or bedroom to add
to the atmosphere. Oh, and don’t forget to keep soft and cosy blankets handy!
Bring some sunshine into your home by investing in a light therapy box, which helps release serotonin in your brain.

3.Get your body moving at least once a day, as exercise can also help combat depression. If you can’t make it to the gym, get your body moving at home with jumping jacks, squats or a quick jog
in place.

4.Go outside for as long as you can each day. Vitamin D can work wonders, so bundle up and go for a walk around your neighbourhood or read your favorite book in nature.

5.Brighten your days by adding lush plants or flowers to your home décor.