Colour your Christmas

Choose your Christmas aesthetic and decorate your heart away, from Metropol’s suggestions:

Classic shades
Rich burgundy and hues of green are never too far away when it’s Christmas. These classic colours, with a touch of simplistic white to mellow them, create the finest Christmas ambience. Add a few nutcrackers, lanterns and wreaths to continue the classic look. A quality tartan in Christmas colours strewn across the sofa adds a pop of elegance.

Modern and minimalistic
Growing in popularity, this colour scheme leans on a white Christmas for inspiration, with golds, whites, and silvers. Make a statement with snowy white trees and silver tinsel, and top them with dusted flowers and shining ribbons. Sprinkle snowflakes, fairy lights, and a white sheepskin about your home for an extra touch of glam.

Tempted by the trend
Hi Barbie! If you haven’t noticed, pink is in. Lean into the colour of the moment by dotting it around your space. Pink candy canes, baubles, and stockings are easy ways to incorporate this trend without overdoing it. Pink and white wrapping paper makes for a cotton candy, and undeniably fun, tree base.

Canterbury colours
True Cantabrians bring red and black into their wardrobes, but a Canterbury Christmas is for those truly committed. Decorate your tree with ribbons, Canterbury-coloured ornaments, and a hint of silver for a stylish appearance. A plaid red and black Christmas tree skirt base keeps your presents cosy and coordinated.

If you’ve adopted eco-friendly Christmas wrapping this year, such as brown wrapping paper and sprigs of pine, you might wish to extend the nature theme in your home. Fill your spaces with greens, browns and earthy tones, and pops of gold if you’re after some cohesive sparkle. Dried flowers draped with fairy lights are a chic option.

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