Colour me Warm

Colour me Warm

We all know we’re supposed to ‘blank-canvas’ our homes before a ‘For-Sale’ sign gets within reach. So that means many of us will buy a ‘whited-out’ home.

Colour me Warm


Once installed, life ramps up and we can get stuck in this white way of living… which is superb if that’s your chosen aesthetic.
But inspiration abounds on ways to live with hits of colour; even relatively dark backdrop tones. Take a look at the interiors of the swanky hotels of the world, and then at the insides of cute, rustic mountain cabins in remoter regions of the United States, Canada or anywhere something indie has been artfully thrown together.

You’ll probably find they’re suffused with colour and texture. Also, you’ll notice they elicit an emotional response. You just want to be there, soaking up the atmosphere, looking up at the stars, or out at the lake. These are enveloping, more voluptuous interiors. They cater to our basic needs for shelter and refuge; things might not match, but that’s part of the charm.


Colour me Warm

We’re returning to times where brownie-orangey spice-colours, muddy greys, soft pinks, teals and olives are the comforting ones. Finally we’re allowing our surrounds to be warm and strong again. More often than not, it’s transporting us to times spent at Nana and Poppa’s bach, or great auntie Margaret’s place, where love and care were part of the feel-good equation.


Colour me Warm

Large-scale nostalgic floral prints are back, as are textural weaves not seen in force since the 1970s. Add in some velvet and furry-feeling rugs and cushions, and the welcome factor is in residence. It’s not enough to merely tolerate your everyday surroundings. Homewares stores, even op-shops are full of treasures like coffee mugs or vases (or almost anything) in warm-toned, rose-tinted, lemon or apple-green items. This is part of life where gut responses equal style-guidance. If you find yourself adoring a purple and mustard fabric off-cut, buy it and turn it into a cushion. If you hate something too-generic that currently lurks in your kitchen, someone else might love it, so give it away.


Colour me Warm

There’s no moral superiority to be grasped by holding onto unloved furnishings or table-mats. If your living spaces feel cold, it can just be a matter of adding a rich backdrop wallpaper, a riotous jar of flowers or sculptural stalks, and some turmeric-toned, tactile European pillows. Yellow rather than white-toned lighting is a biggie too.

Once you’ve decided on your desired elements, the shopping fun begins. A domestic haven full of personality and charm will result.


Colour me Warm




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