Choosing colour

Fashion is a fickle mistress, changing with each season. Having a personalised colour palette for garment selection will help stay on trend no matter what.

A fashion colour palette is a group of three to six different colours that look great together, and give you plenty of options for pairing with all the garments in your wardrobe.

Think about the colours that look good on you, and the colours you surround yourself with in your home environment.

If you need to seek help from a professional to determine what colours suit your skin tones best.

Or, you might try checking the palms of your hands to help determine your undertone. Holding your hands flat with palms facing up decide if you see blue, red or yellow most predominantly.


If you see mostly blue then you are cool, or mostly yellow then you are warm.

There is no restriction on the number of colours that go into your palette, but there should be a balance between neutrals, complementary colours, accent colours and metallics.

Your neutral and complementary colours are your base colours, and your accent colours and metallics are
your highlights.

The four main types of colour schemes are monochromatic, two-colour, three-colour, and four-colour. A monochromatic colour scheme uses one colour in varying tints and shades.

Complementary colours are two colours that are opposite one another on the colour wheel, creating high contrast.

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