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More than just prettying up your décor, window coverings are functional too, boosting energy efficiency, comfort, visual appeal, and privacy.

That’s why making the right choice is important. For instance, opting for the correct window coverings can help privacy, retain heat and reduce heat loss keeping you warm during winter.

The emphasis on home interior design, often falls on major elements like furniture, wall colours, and flooring. Yet, the choice of window coverings plays a pivotal role in your home’s passive heating. The ideal window coverings not only enhance style, texture, and depth in any space but also offer practical advantages like light control and custom features suitable for any lifestyle.

Chris Swart and the Lohreys team, powered by Canterbury Window Coverings, are renowned for their expert guidance and commitment to enhancing the aesthetic and practical uses of homes and offices. Sales manager Chris and his team have been key players in the building industry since 1991. They transitioned to curtains and window coverings after a supplier, impressed by their exceptional service and craftsmanship, reached out.

Chris took a significant step forward by registering the business as a limited company, which has since evolved and expanded.

Sustainability is a core aspect of the company’s philosophy. For instance, their supplier, Santa Fe, cultivates its own forests and harvests its own timber, focusing on sustainable practices, a commitment the team proudly supports. “They supply us with quality custom-interior shutters honeycomb thermacell blinds, venetian blinds, and roller blinds,” Chris notes. A unique advantage over other window coverings is the specifically designed range for New Zealand’s unique conditions.

Canterbury Window Coverings, seamlessly combine style and functionality, further enhanced by their efficient service, a key reason behind Chris’ success. Customer service and satisfaction are paramount for the team. “Our goal is to improve by 1% each day, that’s a 365% improvement each year,” Chris says with a smile.

Constantly refining their methods and focusing on professional development, creates a story for happy clients. The team is dedicated to staying ahead with new technologies that directly benefit their customers. Canterbury Window coverings also have a range from Curtains, fly screens to security features, original ZipTrack™, and aluminum exterior shutters and panels, positioning them as a comprehensive solution for window covering needs. Chris has a seamless company culture, striving to include a principle of Whanaungatanga, which translates to ‘a deep active sense of family’.

Integral to their service is the in-home consultation process. “We bring our mobile showrooms directly to you, allowing a hands-on opportunity to explore fabrics and materials in the comfort of your own home, tailored to personal style,” Chris elaborates. This approach includes tailored measurements and expert advice to ensure clients’ needs are met.

A honey of a blind

Attractive, flexible, and innovative, Thermacell cellular honeycomb shades will illuminate your rooms. Thermacell Honeycomb insulating blinds are energy-saving and developed to keep your home warm in winter.

The widespread appeal of Thermacell Blinds across Europe, America, and New Zealand is no surprise, given their exceptional aesthetics and remarkable insulating properties. Chris enthusiastically endorses this range, which includes over 70 colours, five cell sizes, three fabric opacities, and various lifting options, including motorised systems.

Thermacell Blinds are renowned for their child-safe, cordless, and motorised features, along with award-winning designs like SmartFit and the versatile Top-Down/Bottom-Up system. These blinds are not just functional, they elevate the style of any home, making them an excellent choice for heritage properties.

One of the standout benefits of the Thermacell Blind Range is its energy efficiency. The unique fabric cells act as insulation barriers, drastically reducing energy loss through windows, up to 60% compared to single glazing. This means significant energy savings and enhanced comfort inside your home.

As the chill of winter sets in, up to 45% of a home’s warmth can slip away through the windows. That’s where Thermacell Blinds come into play. These blinds fit snuggly against your windows, effectively sealing the gaps where precious heat can escape. Their honeycomb design traps still air, creating a formidable barrier against the cold.

For those looking for the ultimate in insulation, the Double Cell option offers an additional layer of air trapping, while the Room Darkening fabrics boast a reflective silver lining to further boost warmth retention.

In the realm of passive homes, designed to be ultra energy-efficient, maintaining a consistent interior temperature is key. These homes significantly reduce the need for active heating and cooling systems, slicing through high electrical bills. Thermacell Blinds are a perfect companion for such homes, minimising heat exchange and keeping the indoor temperature cosy and comfortable.

Recognised by Consumer NZ, Honeycomb blinds are praised as one of the top choices for preventing heat loss during winter. Not just for cold weather, these blinds keep interiors cool in the summer by reducing the need for air conditioning and fans, which further cuts down on energy bills. Find out more here: 

Canterbury Window Coverings encourages potential clients to experience their mobile showrooms firsthand, and offers free quotes. “The joy of meeting new people and exploring different areas of Canterbury is immensely fulfilling, especially witnessing the excitement of our clients when they see their new window coverings installed,” Chris reflects.

“We are driven to elicit that ‘wow’ response. I vividly remember our first shutter installation, it was a significant undertaking, but seeing the transformative impact and our client’s satisfaction made it all worthwhile.”

If you’re looking to transform your living space into a more energy-efficient and cosy haven all year round, while also enjoying significant savings on heating and electrical expenses, give Chris and his team a call at 0800 100 173 or drop an email to for a complimentary consultation and quote.

Take the step today towards a more sustainable lifestyle and experience the advantages of living in a passive home.

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