Chart-topping moped

Keen to beat the rush hour traffic? Looking for an electric moped? Then check out the LIMA M9 Electric.

The latest data from The Motor Industry Association of New Zealand (Inc), listed it as top of the list of electric mopeds (up to 50cc or equivalent), and ranked 4th overall.

The LIMA M9 has a single charge range of 45km, a charge time of six hours from flat and a charge cost of less than $0.50. It was introduced by motorcycle parts and accessory distributor Whites Powersports.

Company RIDE division manager Brendan Mayall says its popularity comes from providing consumers with an option to go electric on their daily commute without the huge investment other electric vehicles carry, all while being able to be ridden on a learner car licence.

Mayall adds, “With congestion issues, excessively rising fuel costs and growing environmental concerns people are looking for ways to reduce their costs and their carbon footprint. Motorcycles in general are a fantastic option, but the LIMA M9 ticks all the boxes for a lot of people, making the choice easy. However, it would be great if the government considered including motorcycles and EV motorcycles in their clean vehicle rebate scheme.”

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