Change for the better: Mindset Transformations

People pleasing, procrastinating, controlling behaviour, perfectionism and comparing yourself to others are exhausting patterns of behaviour that can lead to anxiety, depression, and addictions. These are all coping mechanisms we exhibit when we live with low self-worth and constant self-doubt.

The good news is that this is learnt behaviour and you can unlearn and let go of these unhelpful and destructive thought processes and behavioural patterns without years of therapy. Mindset Transformations therapist Sarah Kelt uses hypnotherapy, mindset coaching, and Rapid Transformational Therapy to support you to efficiently and effectively understand the root cause of your issues.

Understanding ‘what lies beneath’ our mental health struggles, is incredibly powerful and liberating. Once we shift our perspective with RTT we get to take action for our own healing.

“We can access the subconscious mind to help you change, beliefs, habits, and thoughts for good.” Book a free discovery call with Sarah at the website below.

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