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Celebrating Milestones: Cameron & Co

Becoming senior associate in a law firm is a significant milestone. Marg Morrison and Kirsty Morris of Cameron & Co have recently achieved this status and see their promotion as recognition by their firm of their experience and achievements.


Cameron & Co


“Cameron & Co have a generous attitude to rewarding ability and commitment,” Marg and Kirsty say. “The areas of the law we specialise in are very client-focused and that is a particular emphasis for Cameron & Co as a law practice.” Marg and Kirsty both took up the law in their mid-20s after gaining life experience in other fields – Marg as a mother and a teacher, and Kirsty as a world traveller and ‘Jill of all trades’. “What we like most about being lawyers is working with people, helping them navigate through the legal issues they may have and empowering them with understanding to then make their own decisions.”

Marg works in the Riccarton office of Cameron & Co, while Kirsty is at Barrington. “The variety of work gives us great satisfaction as well. Property transactions, estate planning, wills, trusts and powers of attorney, relationship property, as well as commercial law for small businesses are our forte. It’s as if we are guiding our clients through life’s stages and that’s a real responsibility that we take seriously. You can’t rest on your laurels with the law either. It’s very dynamic and we are continually learning and refining our processes.”


You can contact Marg on 03 379 3110 and Kirsty on
03 337 0218.


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