Causing a stir

As we hold on to the last of summer, the longer nights, and delicious seasonal fresh fruit available, the need for hydration often leads us to the mixers and result in high spirits.

However, to get the best out of our cocktail concoctions, there are a few necessities when it comes to building your own home bar, be it a cupboard, cabinet or trolley that you can pull out for special occasions. Here are a few pieces that will add a touch of class and have your guests impressed with your setup and skills.

Chilled: Zoku, novelty ice molds, Total Food Equipment
Open: Umbra, tipsy bottle opener in chrome,
Living & Giving
Class: Waterford, Lismore Decanter Set,
Smoosh: Tempa, Mixologist SRT Cocktail Tool, Ballantynes
Shaken: Aurora Gold Cocktail Set, Ballantynes

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