The Cathedral Grammar School

Capturing creativity & innovation: The Cathedral Grammar School

Set in the figurative and literal heart of the city, The Cathedral Grammar School captures creativity and innovation both through its physical incarnation, and through a unique structure that is designed to get the very best out of each and every student.


The Cathedral Grammar School


In much the same way as the world-leading innovative junior school with its roof-top playground and slide combines with a rich and long history, so too does a commitment to tradition and the energy to explore culminate in a best of both worlds approach to education.

“We’re very much about the balance of the traditional rigour of academia, but equally, we’ve got an eye on the exponentially changing world that the children are going to need to thrive in,” Cathedral Grammar Principal Scott Thelning explains. “A big part of that is creativity. We want to move away from our children being passive receivers of information, and instead become critical thinkers, analysers, creators and collaborators.”

This understanding and reverence of the school’s history is captured in the catchphrase, ‘Aspiring since 1881’. ‘Aspiring’ speaks of the innovative future focus; ‘Since 1881’ denotes the long and illustrious history that underpins everything the school does.
The unique structure, which includes a play-based Pre-School, a co-ed Junior School and for Years 4-8, a Boys’ and Girls’ School, enables Cathedral Grammar to meet the unique needs of girls and boys while giving them the opportunity to work together.


The Cathedral Grammar School


Students here learn from the best. Every year level benefits from the expertise of high-calibre specialist teachers across multiple subjects and with plenty of individual attention, every child’s strengths are identified and built on, with support provided where and when needed.

One of the school’s greatest strengths is that it is a really tight, welcoming and warm community, and that comprises not just staff and students, but also the parent community too. “We promise our parents that we will nurture, know and grow their children because we want to make sure that our school is about the heart as well as the head,” Thelning says.

“We want them to be able to leave our school being strong learners, but they are gritty, they’ve got resilience, they’ve got strength and great friendships.” Open Day is on Thursday 7 March with the Principal’s address at 9:30am.


To book a personalised tour contact the registrar, Lydia Hemingway on 03 365 0385 or register online at


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