Buzzing over mead: The Buzz Club

Mead is an alcoholic honey drink that’s recently gained huge popularity – understandably so, it’s delicious.

While it’s come a long way over the years, the ethos of mead production has remained relatively unchanged since medieval times; that is, using fermented honey as the base.

As you can imagine, mead can be delightfully sweet, but it doesn’t always have to be overbearingly so. Aotearoa is a great spot to create mead as our diverse native flora treats beekeepers across the country to some pretty unique and special flavour profiles.

The team at Buzz Club has created some perfectly balanced flavour profiles, which you’ll find staff serving up at their swish bar on Riverside Market Laneway in Christchurch. These guys are paving the way for some pretty unreal drinks, focusing on using lesser-known honeys such as New Zealand kāmahi, rātā, and pōhutukawa.

At the bar, you’ll discover an array of delicious varieties available to suit your palete – there’s sweet, but also zesty and fruity for the delight of your tastebuds. Not in Christchurch? Keep your eyes peeled at the supermarket or check out their website. By enjoying NZ-made mead, you’re supporting
a range of native honeys, which helps to build a sustainable industry that contributes towards the healthy pollination of the pristine Aotearoa environments.

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