Build your bathroom oasis: Butterfield Bathrooms

Bathrooms carry notions of purification and detox, a space where we cleanse and refresh our minds and bodies.

For most, the bathroom is the first room entered in the morning, and the last room left at night. A shower untangles our deepest thoughts, and a long soak in the bath rids our biggest worries. The time is now to truly unlock your bathroom’s therapeutic abilities.

Transforming the bathrooms of Canterbury for over 45 years, Butterfield Bathrooms have the design and construction team to craft any bathroom sanctuary. Describing their services as a “comprehensive, all-inclusive bathroom renovation process,” their design specialist, Joel, guarantees their team handles everything from design to renovation, and all the administration in between.

“We make sure all boxes are ticked.” Taking all design, usability and fitting requirements into consideration for every client, the team draft up a plan, a quote, and get their hands dirty right away.

“All they need to do is make decisions. We handle everything,” he says.

Joel stressed the seamless process of their bathroom fit outs, highlighting the company’s emphasis on stress-free renovations. Providing those lost services, Butterfield Bathrooms supplies fully kitted-out bathroom trailers for your every need, while your dream bathroom gets built. “Having a reno doesn’t mean it’s a reno on your lifestyle,” he says.

While Butterfield Bathrooms create bathrooms that maximise space and minimise clutter, creating a naturally tranquil environment, they also don’t shy away from catering your every design need. “Customisation is standard,” Joel observes, with considerations taken for anything, from standard storage to extra alcoves for shaving your legs.

Joel says changes occur throughout the entire plan and build process, something the team accommodates every step of the way for the ultimate end result. Attend to the trend, Christchurch. Customised and tiled walk-in showers are not only bathroom eye-candy, but their roominess can make all the difference if you’re used to a cramped shower space.

More so, tiled showers are an attractive add-on to your bathroom renovation when the time to sell comes around, Joel attested upon feedback from real estate agents. While backlit mirrors and the ‘less-is-more’ attitude are a current craze according to Joel, Butterfield Bathrooms caters any design concept, creative or minimalistic.
Butterfield Bathrooms focus on creating the perfect bathroom space for every client, no matter the intricacies. “As long as it’s able to be done, we will do it,” Joel says.
To create a bathroom of space and serenity, that exudes comfort, get in touch with the team at Butterfield Bathrooms.

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