Bringing men’s health into focus

With the harrowing statistics of men’s health in New Zealand, there is no better time than Men’s Health Week, 10-16 June, to advocate for better outcomes.

Men sit on the bottom half of most health statistics in New Zealand. They are 20% more likely than women to die prematurely from heart disease or diabetes, three times more likely to commit suicide or die in a car crash, and have a one in four chance of dying before retirement age.

Men suffer all too much from poor mental health, prostate health, diabetes, and cardiovascular health. Each of these potential risks makes getting regular checks crucial. The Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand is asking for “less dead men,” with the current statistics at 4000 diagnosed and 750 deaths a year. Approximately the same number of men lost their lives to prostate cancer as they did to Covid-19, over the length of the pandemic. “This is a killer,” it says.

Men’s Health Week is about encouraging men in New Zealand to bring their health into focus and take small steps to better health habits. The movement hopes to make Men’s Health Week like the process of getting a warrant of fitness. “Most guys will go to great lengths to ensure their vehicle is fit for purpose, yet too many men can’t translate that to their own bodies,” the team say.

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Men’s Health Week messages:

  1. Small changes can make big differences. Generate momentum with small lifestyle changes, such as giving positive feedback and forming habits that provide ongoing benefits.
  2. Tough times shouldn’t be tough on your health. Avoid bottling things up, instead communicate with those you trust. Focus on exercising and consuming good foods.
  3. Kudos for doing it. There are plenty of guys who are doing the right things for their health. Let’s salute, not exclude those already onto it.

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