Bring on the bands

Hairstyling can be a bad morning’s worst nightmare. Having a few headband options will help achieve a bouncy, effortless look when your hair just isn’t co-operating.

From sparkling embellishments to classy black velvet, a headband will glamorise your look while keeping flyaways at bay.

Headbands made a comeback after Miuccia Prada spotlighted the accessory in 2019, and are now the perfect addition to level up your look and hit the trends.

Choose colours that complement your hair and wardrobe when building your headband collection, while remembering that a little glamour or shine never hurt.

Incorporate intricate or bold headband styles into your outfit to keep in tone with any event’s theme. Here are some suggestions.

Witchery Charlotte headband
Witchery Ally headband
Witchery Bailey headband

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