Bring back the brooch

Fashion shows through Europe and the USA have shown brooches to be a big trend for the coming seasons, for women and also men.

Of course, the late Queen Elizabeth II was renowned for wearing brooches and had a fabulous collection, mainly diamond and pearl designs. Top designers have showcased all manner from high-end bling to more badge-like styles, worn singly or in a group such as on jackets for the 2022-23 seasons. Sounds like it’s time to raid grandma’s jewellery box, visit a local flea market, or your favourite jeweller.

Styling Tips

Attach to a blouse or top, beneath the collarbone.
Clip to a dress.
Pin matching brooches on a shirt collar.
Secure a scarf.
Style on a jacket.
Turn a brooch into a choker necklace.
Wear it as a hair accessory.

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