Breaking bread

Something about bread offers ultimate comfort.

Maybe it is the simplicity of it or the smell of a fresh bakery loaf, but there is no denying the delicious experience of enjoying freshly baked bread (even better warm with a touch of butter).

Making your own may seem daunting. Kneading, pulling, waiting, rising, baking. It is quite a process and to turn out with a flat, dry, dense loaf is almost enough to put you off altogether. Those that make homemade bread will tell you that once you find your technique, it really is quite simple.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Follow the recipe. It might seem obvious, but straying from the exact recipe to use your own techniques and measurements is not going to give you the same result.
  • Start with a simple bread. You don’t need to be making garlic cheese stuffed twists on your first go. Focaccia, ciabatta, or a seed loaf are all good options to start.
  • Check your yeast. If you have had a packet of yeast sitting in the back of your pantry for a few years… this won’t do. Expired yeast is no good, so check your dates.
  • Watch your oven. Once your dough is in the oven, you need to babysit it. If it’s browning too quickly on one side, rotate it. Don’t be scared to get involved and move it around.

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