Break out the bowls

Warming, nourishing, and comforting, soup might almost be the perfect meal.

At home, work, and even exploring Canterbury’s great outdoors, soup is a highly versatile meal, making it great for any weather, and particularly welcoming during autumn and winter.

Soup makes excellent use of leftovers, and can be cooked in large batches and frozen for a quick meal later. From hearty pumpkin soup bowls to warm you in the winter to cold soups perfect for cooling you down in the sweltering summer heat, there’s a soup for every occasion, and to every person’s taste.

A pumpkin soup, for example, can be spiced up with the addition of chilli (flakes, chopped, or powder), made curry-like with turmeric and cumin, or Asian-style with coriander, ginger, and a sprinkle of spring onions on top.

Among the most popular soups in the world are leek and potato, tomato, pumpkin, vegetable, and French onion, although when it comes to ingredients think seasonal, and don’t be scared to experiment.

• Have a hand blender handy to turn any soup into a  delicious, smooth, creation.
• Add a swirl of cream to the mix just before serving.
• A deep bowl or cup will keep soup warmer longer than shallow versions.

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