Book ahead: Chim Chim Master Chimney Sweeps

The days and nights are getting warmer. We can forget about lighting the fire and keeping it clean until next winter right?

In fact, postponing your annual chimney sweep means getting in the winter queue. Jonny from Chim Chim Master Chimney Sweeps says, “before and during winter this year we were booked eight weeks in advance. It was frustrating for many, and if new parts or repairs were needed, it could mean waiting to light your fire for quite a while”.

The good news is there really is no reason to wait. Anytime from now until March is a great time to book. As Jonny advises, “your chimney is so much safer when it is clean, it is a small job, but one that makes your fire more efficient to run, your house safer, plus an unmaintained chimney and fireplace can affect your insurance cover.”

Even better, tracking down hard to find parts just became easier.

The team now has a central Sydenham shop for all log fire parts, with an online shop on the way. Nick notes, “we have a relationship with every log fire parts supplier, manufacturer, or importer in New Zealand which means we stock or can order any part you need.”

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