Bold black bathrooms

Bold black bathrooms

The spa-inspired bathroom trend has officially returned – back to the spa, that is. These days it’s all about bold, dark, sultry bathroom designs that evoke an indulgent high-end experience.


Bold black bathrooms


Bathrooms are often south-side windowless rooms, so take a walk on the dark side and enhance the cosiness. Black fixtures are now a mainstay in most bathroom ranges. They create a feature out of the functional, such as matte black shower surrounds and tapware. And finger marks won’t show.

Spa baths have lost popularity to the free-standing bath, which can be a focal feature in black. Add a black chandelier and candles to elevate to movie-star status.  Monochromatic bathroom wallpapers look striking in geometrics, metallics or vintage prints. Black-tiling combined with black-painted walls is effective, particularly with 1920s-style pedestal basins.

Black makes a statement around the edges in cornices, framing, mirrors and shelving. A dark vanity in a corner stands out, where white would otherwise just blend. Black ceilings are inviting, especially if the room is small with a tall ceiling. And against black aluminium windows, a black and white theme is a classic.

Marble blends magnificently against ebony surrounds – instant five-star luxury in white with grey marbling, or black with white marbling. Incorporate dark woods and wrought iron features. Other opulent bathrooms hues include dark cherry, burgundy, chocolate brown or inky blue, which come alive with metallic fixtures. Charcoal walls and tiles add depth against natural stone. A Persian rug adds the sensuality of a Turkish spa. And you can’t dispute the practicalities of a fluffy oversized black spa towel.



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