Höglund Art Glass

Blown Away: Höglund Art Glass

The King of Sweden has one. The King of Tonga has several. The Clintons have a collection and so has Elton John. What? Pieces of glass from Höglund Art Glass, of course!


Höglund Art Glass

Höglund Art Glass has a reputation which extends beyond the shores of New Zealand.  Created by glass artists Ola Höglund and Marie Simberg-Höglund and their family, their stunning glass is sought after worldwide by avid collectors and people who appreciate the beauty and skill evident in each blown piece.

Ola and Marie have been dedicated to the development of their distinguished art glass that has been held in galleries and private collections around the world for the past 35 years and the Höglund glassblowing dynasty is one of our national treasures. Well established in Nelson they have recently launched the Höglund Art Glass Gallery in Central Otago.

Marie says their two sons will continue making glass at the glassblowing studio in Nelson while Marie and Ola are very enthusiastic about building a glass studio beside the new Central Otago gallery as soon as possible. This glass gallery also displays paintings, artwork and jewellery which has drawn a steady following with locals and visitors to the region. Once purchased, the artwork can be shipped around the world.

The Höglund Art Glass Gallery is open to visitors seven days (at 1767 Luggate-Cromwell Road) and is clearly signposted on SH6 between Wanaka and Cromwell.


For further information phone
03 442 7210 or visit



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