Blooming lovely

Even before spring officially arrives, bright yellow daffodils nodding their heads in parks, florists, and paddocks are a sign that the season of growth is on its way. Just as they signal spring to passers-by, daffodils – along with other spring favourites such as narcissi and tulips – can also bring a touch of seasonal lightness into your home.

Here are some suggestions for showcasing your spring blooms:

Tall vases of any colour and pattern with a casual bunch of yellow daffodils, tulips or velvety irises will immediately shout spring.

Find three similar height jars, pop them in identical paper bags, tie around the top and add your sunniest flowers, with water of course.

Spring bulbs can be grown in pots, planted in autumn and ready for display in spring. Try hyacinths, crocuses and grape hyacinths for potted colour and gorgeous scents.

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