Blind Date

We’re crushing on timber blinds right now, as the perfect accompaniment to the greenery that we’re increasingly yearning for in our internal spaces.



While the true story of venetian blinds and their invention is debatable, Egyptians were among the first to create blinds from reeds and it seems every early culture has utilised this clever curtain alternative throughout history.

While we’re certainly not short of window furnishings in the modern day, timber works particularly well with the shift toward sustainable and eco-friendly designs across home décor.

But in 2019, sustainable furniture is no longer sticking to its stereotypical re-used aesthetic. The bohemian trend is gone, replaced by clean, elegant pieces, and the smooth polished look of a set of timber venetians makes for the perfect partnership with this style.

So chat to your interior decorator now, you might just have a blind date in store.



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