Becoming a cushion curator

An interior trifecta, cushions combine comfort, style, and character.

Distributed about your living and bedroom spaces evenly, cushions become the icing on the cake in interior design. If you like changing the style of your spaces from time to time, they’re relatively low-cost and so, a sustainable financial option to redesign without renovating an entire room. If you’re styling a couch, group together and on alternate sides, remembering to work in odd numbers. Consider the 3-2-1 rule for a three-seater couch: three plain and of a similar palette, two textured, and one statement or character cushion. To finish, add a throw that fits the vibe.

An obvious benefit is that the comfort cushions offer make a wooden or hard seat surface bearable, yet also distribute weight evenly to achieve better posture, reducing posture and back complications later in life.

Introduce authenticity in your home with cushions that allow your identity to seep through. Sometimes, shopping for cushions might be all you need to determine the styles and colours you like for your interiors, whether that be muted and minimalistic, or bold and adventurous. Mix and match with shape and size to add some drama, but keep cohesion in mind. It’s worth curating your cushion collection slowly, with a few to start, that can then be built up in shopping trips to come.

The multitude of textures available creates intrigue in a room, and can even allude to an overall vibe. Add depth with plush, ribbed, or velvet textures. Next, think bold. Find a statement cushion or two, without engulfing the entire couch, window seat, or bed. Look around the space you’re working with, and find elements you can incorporate. Plants, flowers, vibrant colours or patterns, and aim to bring these in through cushion choices.

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