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If we think about it, flowers are the one constant in all of our lives. Flowers are given to celebrate our birth, our birthdays, engagements, weddings and anniversaries; flowers are presented upon our retirement, or as a thank you gift, and flowers are given when we die.



Leanne Lovell of Victoria Florists has had a love affair with flowers all her life, and of her many years working in the floristry business, she says that it’s in the creating of funeral tributes she’s at her happiest.

“Death is part of life; there’s no escaping that. But every life – no matter how short or long – is a life to be commemorated and honoured. Every tribute we make is composed with so much thought and care for that unique individual, and equally for the grieving family and friends.”

Compassion has always been Leanne’s first and foremost priority, and in this fragrant, tranquil oasis, there’s plenty going around. Sometimes, all you need is a wander amongst beautiful blooms and a little conversation with caring hearts to find what you’re looking for.

“My team are all very experienced florists, but like me, when they finish work each day, they go home to real families too. They’ve all experienced the lows, highs, joys and sorrows of life. And that is what we bring to every tribute – our understanding of your pain and loss, but most importantly, we bring our love.”

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