Bad driving habits

A whopping 70% of New Zealanders occasionally get annoyed by their partner’s driving behaviour, a study among Kiwi motorists has found.

The research on road rage also shows that 79% of New Zealanders experience frustration on the road, with tailgating considered the worst offence.

New Zealand roads are home to 4.5 million vehicles. Time2play took a peek under the bonnet and asked 1018 New Zealand motorists about their biggest frustrations on the road.

Men admitted to more road frustration than women, with 80% of those surveyed experiencing frustration in traffic, compared with 77% of women. Respondents annoyed by a partner’s driving behaviour equated to 71% of men, and 69% women surveyed.

Tailgating topped the list of offences, with 48% of respondents unhappy about it. Not using indicators (46%), cutting off other motorists (34%), ignoring the speed limit (33%), and using smartphones (31%) complete the top five biggest frustrations list.

Inside vehicles, the survey found that commenting on the driver’s driving behaviour is the biggest source of frustration (43%), followed by children fighting in the back seat (34%), comments on the condition of the car (32%), and discussions about the route (31%).


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