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Award Winning Jewellery Design: Polished Diamonds

Owning and wearing precious jewellery unfailingly adds sparkle to life.


Polished Diamonds


Dan Joines, national owner of Polished Diamonds, wants people to know that using CAD technology, he can create the ultimate engagement, wedding, and ‘just-because’ rings they’ve visualised. The award-winning ring-designer and merchant has enjoyed so much success here in New Regent Street that North Island boutiques have followed.

Clients can bring in their own precious stones and ideas, or choose from 20,000 internationally certified diamonds and two and a half thousand ring designs. Architectural CAD technology and equipment such as an MRI scanner ensure that any stone, any metal and any ring profile can be produced to exacting specifications. “In less than a week we can reproduce a vision, or transform an inherited or gifted ring into something perfectly bespoke; gorgeous and personalised,” Dan says.


Visit www.polisheddiamonds.co.nz/


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