Alpine luxury reimagined: RW Design

Heritage meets modernity in a stunning, self-sustainable rebuilt Mt Cook station entered into Master Builders House of the Year 2020. The collaboration of RW Design and Lone Pine Building has resulted in a luxury homestead with uninterrupted views of Aoraki Mt Cook.

The idea for the single-level homestead came from its stunning alpine surroundings, and from a desire to use, and reuse, natural and recycled materials.

“The location and dramatic landscape along with the exposure to extreme weather conditions combined with the client preference for a practical/functional farmhouse led to the homestead style solution,” says Robin White of RW Design.

The 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom home is a stunning tribute to natural Aotearoa, with many local timbers, included Rimu salvaged from the original homestead, being used.

Inside, a great ambience of rugged simplicity creates the perfect place to escape the stress of day-to-day activities.

Outside, the vast outdoor areas are more than up to the job of playing host to your guests, not to mention the stunning 360-degree view of South Island high country.

For more information on how RW Design can help with your building project visit the website or give them a call.


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