Abstract additions

Curated by Nina Tucker

Embrace the world of abstract art through simple additions to your interior space.

Abstraction represents freedom, among other things, and is entirely interpretive in the eye of the beholder. It’s the sweet spot between fantasy and reality.
In your home, it can become just what you need to release the pressures and expectations of everyday life. Insert your personality into each space through abstract art, which can be as small and inconspicuous as a candle or vase. There’s no commitment with simple abstract additions to shift the dynamic of your interior, they’ll fit in happily on their own. Pushing the boundaries in shapes, finishings and textures, abstract art lets loose from the norm.
The energy reflected in each piece has the power to attract new emotions in your home.
Be as loud or quiet as you like, from imagination inflicting paintings and furniture to mood representing mini pieces whose peculiar shape encapsulates how you feel after a long day.
The interior design world has welcomed abstract designs in recent years following the rise of art like interpretive plaster frames and pottery. When lockdowns encouraged those of us cooped up at home to get crafty, some incredible artworks and ideas arose. Thus, the interior world shifted and adopted the imperfectness of being human and abstract art flourished.
Luckily, the many home décor boutiques across Christchurch stocked with goodies so you can take the trend home with you. Styling is simple and can be easily implemented into both the minimalist and maximalist aesthetic households.
Choose the pieces that speak to you most. The power of each piece lies in how you feel when looking at it, like a love-at-first-sight scenario.
In The Roundhouse Abstract Plate The perfect plate to hold your keys. Find me: RUBY
SOIE Candles A playful addition to your display shelf or bedside table. Find me: RUBY
SOIE Candles A playful addition to your display shelf or bedside table. Find me: RUBY
Adairs Bambini Vase Ceramic Jug Fill with white lillies to keep it classy with a jug that bends the rules. Fine me: Adairs
Ruby Potato Vase Pink Best on a circular table to make a statement. Find me: RUBY

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