A wedding day fragrance: Fraganzi

As everyone knows, memory and fragrance are intimately connected. Photographs may capture the images of the day, but a fragrance will enliven it by transporting you back to the day itself to relive the sensation of the occasion.

At Fragranzi Perfume Studio you can craft such a unique aroma by selecting components that encapsulate your memories of the day and attach a personalised label to match your individualised scent. If desired, duplicates could also be created as gifts for others ranging from 5mls to 100mls.

Fragranzi offers a Make-Your-Own experience where you and your bridal party can enjoy a special bonding event, sharing experiences and memories before each creates their own perfume to mark the day. You can also book an hour with the perfumer to create an intimate fragrance you can share exclusively as a couple or make to present to each other on the day. Fragranzi’s collection of over 850+ fragrance components can also be accessed to incorporate that ‘must have’ scent for this signature perfume with its memory motivator.


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