A warm welcome: RESENE


Stepping into a stunning hallway sets the tone for what’s in store throughout the rest of a house. Make a beautiful first impression with a warm and welcoming wall colour.

Styling Kate Alexander | Photography Bryce Carleton

This hallway has been given a creative touch with Resene FX Paint Effects medium coloured with Resene Half Alabaster. Resene FX Paint Effects is a semi-transparent product, that you add colour to. By way of different application techniques, such as sponging or ragrolling, it creates a unique effect on your walls. This is particularly handy if you have a few marks that you want to cover!

Bring in the darker, plain colour of Resene Explorer on your side wall, echoing it in accents such as your desk and vases or bowls. Paint a pattern in a subtle light colour on the floor, such as the one here that mimics pebbles. Not only will this create a sense of drama, but also encourage the eye to look around the room.

If you’re worried that the space is too small or doesn’t receive enough light from a small window, a mirror will bounce what light there is, creating a greater sense of space. There may not be much floor area, but there is room above, so reach up and use this vertical space with a free-standing coat stand. Stylish and practical, it can be coated in Resene Explorer to provide colour continuity as well as providing a handy storage solution for coats and bags.


‘Tiled’ background in Resene Midwinter Mist with ‘grout’ in Resene Stack, A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left to right) Resene Explorer, Resene French Grey, Resene Stack, Resene Jumbo and Resene Arrowroot, candlestick in Resene Jumbo, finial in Resene Armadillo, small vase in Resene French Grey, tall vase in Resene Stack with stripes in Resene French Grey, lidded container in Resene Explorer and picture frame in Resene Arrowroot.



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