A spring glow-cedure: Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Now is the time to focus on our skin, which we have blasted with heat pumps and freezing temperatures over the colder months.

It is time to concentrate on having healthy, toned, and tightened luminous skin.

Several variables can make a person’s face look older, such as skin texture, tone, sun-damage, wrinkles, loss of volume, and sagging. The last of those—sagging—happens because collagen, the structural support of the skin, diminishes over time.

In these busy times we live in people want effective treatments, with little to no downtime that are relatively pain-free so they can continue on with their daily activities.

EndyMed Intensif is a treatment that is ideal for stimulating collagen production to brighten skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, improve skin texture, smooth wrinkles, and treat acne scarring.

EndyMed uses the most advanced radiofrequency technology to deliver heat deep into the skin using gold-plated needles to stimulate the production of new collagen. The unique gold-plated tapered needles require less passes per treatment, shorter treatment times, and greater patient comfort.

Book your glow-up treatment today; EndyMed Intensif is available exclusively at the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic.


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