A real pearler

Upcycling real crushed pearls into its flagship skincare range is just one of the innovative advances made by Christchurch-based company Jeuneora.

In 2016, Jeuneora launched its skincare business with only 100 units of collagen. Fast-forward to 2021 and it is now supporting the beauty and wellbeing of tens of thousands of glowing customers worldwide, with its marine collagen and plant-based supplements. In May 2021 a natural progression into the skincare category followed with The Essential Seven.

CEO and founder Monique Kaminski (avove) says the team is passionate about what it does, its people, products, customers, and caring for the environment.

“It was important that we developed a beautiful range of [skincare] products that were ground-breaking, unique, sustainable and of the highest quality while still being accessible to our customers.

The result is a Kiwi-made line of skincare that uses a unique formulation of exceptional quality cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested ingredients that perfectly combine the power of science and nature.

“We’ve continued to innovate and listen to our customers, recently introducing a new product to our flagship skincare range,” she adds. “We created SupearlaNova Hydrating Face Polish because we saw the need and demand for a physical exfoliator that’s active enough to do the job, but gentle enough to not irritate your skin. It features upcycled, real crushed pearls that would otherwise go to waste as a by-product of the jewellery industry, and it sparkles! Enough said.”

Visit www.ricoh.co.nz to find out about Ricoh’s innovative business solutions.

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