A rather colourful street

Rolleston’s Whittington Drive has been reimagined by Christchurch-based COMMON Architecture + Interiors, in a project that took home two awards at this year’s 38th Dulux Colour Awards.

Claiming the victories in Sydney, Daniel Sullivan of COMMON used the existing homes in the area to inspire a bright colour scheme, and bring to life these ‘Seven Colourful
Little Houses.’

Utilising an extensive range of Dulux products, COMMON, HRS Construction, and A1 Decorating collaborated to “eschew the prevailing cookie-cutter style and add a street presence that is truly uplifting,” according to judge Sarosh Mulla.

Built with healthy homes standards in mind, the seven houses are low-maintenance, long-lasting, and vibrant additions to Rolleston’s residential landscape. Colour blocking was a focus, and each dwelling received a tailored colour scheme to maintain individuality yet carry an overall aesthetic. “Colour was used to create a sense of harmony and balance to the overall street elevation, creating the illusion of depth, movement, and texture as important design elements to the wider suburban context,” says Daniel.

Flooring finishes, joinery, and interior paint elements all contributed to the look. By seeking out hints of colour already in place across the wider built context, the COMMON team reinterpreted these hues, demonstrating a fun and playful approach while maintaining a consistent theme.

Daniel explains the “colour scheme inspiration resulted as a commentary on the monotonous street scene so often seen in these suburban environments.” The project received an exceptional, score to win both the New Zealand Grand Prix and Commercial & Multi-Residential Exterior categories.

IMAGES: Stephen Goodenough

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