A page-turning selection: Piccadilly Books

After some new reading inspiration? Check out the current top picks from Piccadilly Books.

The Burgundians
Bart Van Loo
This epic history of the dukedom of Burgundy has the grip of a great historical novel. This is the story of a thousand years, a compulsively readable narrative history of ambitious aristocrats, family dysfunction, treachery, savage battles, luxury, and madness.

To Defeat the Few
Doug Dildy, Paul F Crickmore
The Battle of Britain has acquired near-legendary status as one of the most iconic events of the 20th century. However, this is only part of the story. This new history, based on an exhaustive study of German records, explores the battle through the eyes of the Luftwaffe.

The Secret Life of Groceries
Benjamin Lorr
The miracle of the supermarket has never been more apparent. Lorr pulls back the curtain on the highly secretive grocery industry. What does it take to run a supermarket? And who suffers from our increasing demands for convenience and efficiency?

The Greeks
Roderick Beaton
The story of a culture that has contributed more than any other to the way we live today in the West. The way we think, the way we learn, the systems by which we are ruled – all find their roots in a small group of people who first emerged in Mycenae over 3000 years ago.

Our First Civil War
H. W Brands
What causes people to forsake their country and take arms against it? What prompts their neighbours to defend that country against the rebels? There are the questions H. W. Brands answers in his powerful new history of the American Revolution.

Route 66
Jim Hinckley
America’s Main Street has given rise to a colourful assortment of motels, greasy spoons, roadside amusements, and scenery. Route 66 historian Hinckley guides you through a selection of these sites, illustrated with colourful photography, evocative historical imagery, and collectibles like postcards.

A Very Short History of Life on Earth
Henry Gee
For billions of years, Earth was an inhospitable place. Yet despite facing every conceivable setback that living organisms could encounter, life has been extinguished and picked itself up to evolve again. A story of survival, illuminating the delicate balance within which life has always existed.


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