A legacy of love: Isaac Theatre Royal

Amidst the opulent halls and twinkling chandeliers of the Isaac Theatre Royal, a timeless tale unfolded, a story of dedication woven into the fabric of four decades.

Beyond its grand façade lies a story of unwavering dedication of so many ushers and bar staff to be celebrated.

Pam Lutton

Pam Lutton was drawn to the theatre’s embrace in the early days of her 40-year commitment. “I was so shy,” she confesses. Her journey mirrors the theatre’s own, a tale of transformation and lasting love. “But one weekend kept turning into many weekends. As I got more comfortable and confident, I started feeling happy and started to love it.”

Collette Jackson, Judy Newburgh, Pam Lutton

Through the years, Pam’s journey intertwined with the vibrant tapestry of the theatre, from the uproarious laughter of the ‘Rocky Horror Show,’ to the enchanting melodies of Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. It was the people who left an indelible mark on her heart. She fondly recalls the night when a group of elderly patrons, their walking frames clattering with each step, brought a touch of whimsy to the theatre’s halls. Moreso, who could forget the daring escapade to uncover the elusive ‘Charlie’ in the backstage dungeons, a night of laughter and spine-tingling thrills that still echo in the shadows?

Amongst Pam’s cherished memories, another figure emerges, Rosalie Allen. With a twinkle in her eye and a smile that lights up the darkness, Rosalie’s return to the theatre on its grand reopening night was a moment of pure magic. “It felt like coming home,” she muses. “To see the beauty of the building restored, with old and new elements seamlessly intertwined, was truly special.”

Pam Lutton,
Roz Elleningford, Judy Newburgh Judy Ward,
Keryn deRoo

Ahead of the 10-year anniversary of the theatre’s resurrection, Rosalie’s own milestone is a poignant reminder of the passage of time and the power of love. “Witnessing the joy and relief on everyone’s faces after the long journey of restoration was truly heartwarming,” she reflects. Pam and Rosalie stand as guardians of its legacy. They are a testament to the power of art and community, and the enduring spirit of Isaac Theatre Royal. “We have done it,” Pam said on the first night of reopening. And Rosalie, “Here’s to many more chapters in the storied history of our beloved theatre!”

Rosalie Allen

United in celebration of decades of service, and the pro mise of many more to come, Pam, Rosalie, and their fellow staff members are the unsung heroes, weaving threads of dedication and a legacy of inspiration for generations to come.



Wayne Shaw, Pam Lutton, Judy & Andy Newburgh, Ken Blair, Bev Lee

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