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A funny favourite: Q&A with Jeremy Corbett + Win with Metropol

New Zealand funny man Jeremy Corbett is coming to the city with his 7 Days Live show at the Horncastle Arena on December 11. We caught up with the man himself ahead of his visit.


funny man



What is your favourite part about your line of work? Your least favourite? Why?

The variety of nonsense and people and getting to talk stupidity with talented comedians and TV hosts is pretty much a dream.
I’m not a fan of writing new material. It’s the hardest part. Every idea I start on I feel has been done better or done to death. I think that’s why I like the adlib stuff… you don’t get to think about it, just say it and it’s out there.


If you had one message to give to your fans what would it be?

I appreciate you!


What is one of your more embarrassing memories from childhood?

Being in a band. We started at Boys’ High School. After we did okay at a talent quest we performed a lunch time concert for the Girls’ High School. Things went very wrong. They threw their lunch at us. Nothing scares me on stage any more.


What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

When I proposed to my wife I bought a dozen $2 rings from the cheap shop. She accepted and took two of them. I was $4 down. Wasn’t expecting that but turned out to be a great investment.
Worst was a one year gym membership. I went twice. By my calculations each visit cost me about $500.


What fact do you wish you had never learned?

That the universe is infinite. Scared the crap out of me.

What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home?

My folks have a double garage full of old crates, bottles, machinery, skis, fishing gear and detritus. There is a tiny square space that you can fit their car into. Only the driver can go in and even then they can only just squeeze out of the door. It’s a disturbing yet genius piece of engineering.

Who are you inspired by?

People with what seems to be unlimited energy. You know those people who have chased dreams and fulfilled their potential. I hear them talk and get inspired. I tell myself I will go home and start some sort of project, really get things done. My enthusiasm wears off on the way home. I nap instead.

What’s something your brain tries to make you do and you have to will yourself not to do it?

Any sort of manual labour. I win over my brain most of the time.

What’s the most useless talent you have?

I have a time machine. It can only go forward and only at 60 minutes per hour.

What has been your biggest challenge in life and how did you overcome that challenge?

Doing a short stand-up comedy set in Te Reo Māori on live TV. I overcame it with the patience and help of Matai Smith and the awesome crew at The Project.

What ‘old fashioned’ way of doing things is better than how they are done now?


What advice do you have for people who want to get into New Zealand’s entertainment industry?

Turn up on time, be respectful, do what you say you will do, be patient.


Win With Metropol

Tickets to 7 Days Live can be purchased through

Metropol has a double pass to the Christchurch show on December 11. To enter, please visit and click on the competitions you wish to enter. Entries close Monday 3 December and the winner will be contacted the following day.