A Dreamy Sleep: Dreamwool Beds

The recipe for a good night’s sleep is looking forward to sleeping on a premium mattress.

A good mattress offers relaxation and rejuvenation, which positively impacts our mental and physical wellbeing,” David Henderson of Dreamwool Beds says. “It’s the most important piece of furniture in the house.”

If getting to sleep is hard, it is made even more difficult on an uncomfortable mattress. That’s why the natural fibres in a Dreamwool Bed are calming and cooling, creating a microclimate to control heat and humidity. 

Crafted to premium quality, each bed is made-to-order for maximised comfort.

Dreamed up in 1934 and a family business since 1974, embedded in the company are ingenuity, solutions, and a passion for a good night’s sleep. Between the latex and pocket spring mattresses, encounter rest like you’ve never rested before.

With maximum breathability and climate control, every sleep offers unparalleled comfort. Dreamwool sustainably source 100 percent merino wool from South Island farms, ensuring luxury and quality.

“We were always known for the quality of our product. That’s stuck with us,” David adds.

“The best investment you can make in tomorrow is a good night’s sleep.”


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