A Digital Transformation: Ricoh

Ricoh is a market leader in digital signage and Shake Shed recently tasked the company with assisting them with the relaunch of their business.



Shake Shed’s transformation has been a phenomenal success due to technological advantages such as the screen wall; the screens can be linked together to display corresponding images. The advantage in using all screens uniformly as a screen wall is effectiveness of communication, as well as the ability to change the screen based on the weather. For Shake Shed, sunny days will feature delicious fresh ice cream while cold days will feature hot dogs and fries. Different channels can also be created so your store in Auckland with sunny weather can run certain products, while your Christchurch store with its stormy weather can run other options.

Everything can be controlled from a central point which can see a signage change occur in five minutes. Ricoh’s platform will save time on approval and courier, with savings on the cost on printing and design. You simply update online and change is instantaneous.
The next advance in this technology coming soon is touch-screen games, linking photo promos to social media, facial recognition to inform the sales assistant of your last order or detect a frowning face and quickly display a ‘smile – you’ll get 20 percent off today’ message.



Humorous interactions such as these generate more foot traffic to your store and generate more business. Additional information could lead to statistical analyses such as what percentage of your customers are male or female, the average age of your customers, interactive cake design – build it on the touch screen. The technology also reacts to a change of market and can advertise one day specials. Ricoh aims to be as future-proof and as interactive as possible.

If you are ever looking into digital signage, large video walls, outdoor LEDs, transparencies or OLED, everything Ricoh turns its commercial hand to is customisable – it’s never a one size fits all approach. The company also makes things affordable by leasing its products. This makes it easier and more cost effective for you to keep up to play with the latest technology, as it changes so quickly. What you’re after today won’t be what you’re after in 36 months’ time.

For more information, contact Pete today on poconnor@ricoh.co.nz.

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