A colourful touch

Neutrals are safe and timeless, but pops of colour in the home brings life and brightness into spaces. Here are six easy and non-intimidating ways to add a little touch of colour to your home.


Paste it on

Having a feature wall using wallpaper is a fun way to switch up a room without committing to painting all four walls. You can make this as dramatic or understated as you like by sticking with natural colours, or going for a bold block colour to really make a statement in the room.

In the art

Art is an individual and personalised part of a home. On a neutral backdrop, a colourful piece of art can become a beautiful feature in the room and really set the mood of a space.

Accent accessories

If too much colour in your home is a terrifying thought, picking a few small utensils or accessories is a nice way to add some colour. A beautiful bright fruit bowl for the bench or a set of coloured teacups or mugs are nice ideas to start.

Zero Japan teacup in artisan green


A rug instantly softens up a space and brings real cosiness to the room. Adding a rug can bring in colour as well as texture; both elements that will change up the feel of the room.

Go natural

An easy injection of colour into a space is with natures greenery. Indoor plants come in many shapes and sizes; they can be potted in the corner of a room, placed on tables and shelves, or even hang from the ceiling.

Throw it on

Blankets and throws are a simple addition to the lounge or bedroom to inject instant colour. Draped over the arm of the couch or at the end of the bed, these cosy accessories can tie in feature colours throughout
the room.

Adairs pasadena throw



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