A benchmark in braces: Orthodontix

In just a few short years, the astounding and technologically brilliant LightForce braces are the new standard in orthodontics.

Quickly recognised by the American Association of Orthodontics with an Innovator Award in 2022, Christchurch Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Ronald M. Sluiter, of OrthodontiX, also brought LightForce to his Christchurch clinics.

Entirely personalised, fixed, and fast-working braces, the system is the world’s first 3D printing orthodontic and digital planning system. Reducing the time spent in orthodontists’ offices, the LightForce technology achieves a seamless process, for both the clinician and the patient. Eliminating unncecessary movements, the LightForce technology is able to reduce treatment time by up to four months.

Customised to your teeth, anatomy, and bite, Ronald adds that the LightForce 3D-printed ceramic alumina brackets are strong, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing. Choose between the pop of white for a bold look that accompanies the Cloud bracket, or the Light bracket’s simple, translucent allure.

Discover the LightForce difference with OrthodontiX. A team of skill and knowledge, equipped with the latest technology, they are exactly who you want working with your teeth.


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