Yoga with soul: Soul Studio

A place to find warmth and quiet, strength and stability.

Having settled into their home at 25 Mandeville Street late last year, Soul Studio Hot Yoga has become a much-loved place for members to practise their yoga locally. Laughter, kindness and expertise accompany the stretching, breathing and mindful movement experience at the beautiful yoga studio.

Everyone who walks through their door is warmly welcomed, known by name and supported through their yoga journey. Studio owner and local teacher of 10 years Sarah O’Connell is passionate about making yoga normalised and routine. She says, “Coming to a yoga studio can be a daunting experience. We are committed to helping our members feel relaxed, accepted and supported. This lays the foundation for a safe and joyful practice.”

A focus on health
Yoga is a special kind of practice that integrates well-being; mind, body, and spirit. With hot yoga, there are many benefits as the heat plays an important role in deepening your practice. Soul Studio offers hot yoga classes that suit many preferences. Yes, there is a dynamic of hot yoga that is hot, but not all hot yoga is intense and sweaty.

Sarah says “Hot yoga BROADLY means the room is heated between 30-40 degrees. Because of the range of yoga modalities and classes we offer the room can be experienced as amibiently warm. Conversing other modalities are undoubtedly hot and juicy.”

The world right now can feel heavy and overwhelming, and finding ways to help manage stress is invaluable to your overall health and wellbeing. Hot yoga is reknowned for reducing stress and the studio itself is an incredibly calming space. The warm room encourages you to focus more on your breathing. and this deeper breathing supports both mindful movement and becomes meditative practice helping to unlock true relaxation and stress relief.

A focus on local
Whether it’s an early start in the studio, a lunch time release or stopping by after a long day in the office, Soul Studio has become a core part of members’ weekly routine. Locally accessible and easy to get to, the studio makes it effortless to work yoga into your busy life.

As well as yoga classes, Soul Studio also offers monthly health talks for the community, even those who aren’t studio members. The goal is to offer health and wellbeing events and education to everyone, not just those who practise yoga.

A home for yoga for over 10 years, the newly refurbished studio at 25 Mandeville Street is a part of an exciting health and wellbeing renaissance in the Riccarton area. Partnering with innovative businesses in the health sector, Soul Studio is working together with these industry leaders to create a wellness hub for the local community.

Drop into the studio at 25 Mandeville Street, email or call 03 335 0208.

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