Winter toppers

Sideline sport, walking to work, wet weekend activities. Who said the attire should only be strictly gumboots and old coats?

While sometimes the weather or location grants it, there is an optimism in dressing with valour despite the forecast. Winter fashion is the home of layering and volume, and opulent accessories are the cherry on top.

No longer do we have facemasks warming our cheeks, so source a fluffy scarf. Chic, bulky, and statement-making, as is the trend, yet serves its main purpose: to heat you up. Top it off with a classic-style beanie and a sleek hairstyle.

Bundling our hands in our pockets is sometimes not enough, so a pair of fluffy, fingerless, or luxe leather gloves can keep to your look while keeping you warm. Bag-wise, stay simple. The annoyance of many warm layers is made worse when the bag on your shoulder will not stay up. If your favourite winter coat does not have epaulettes, consider a cardholder or a clutch, something lightweight and easily pocketable.

Merino Possum fingerless gloves Find Me: The Wool Company.
Chunky Pure Cashmere beanie Find Me: COS.
Frank moon croc cardholder Find Me: Yu Mei.
Iced Blue Cuddle sock Find Me: Peter Alexander.
Camel leather gloves Find Me: Scanlan Theodore.

Main image: Leā€™echarpe Fringe Logo scarf Find Me Jacquemus.

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