Winter survival essentials

The days are getting shorter and colder, and we get it – all you want to do is snuggle up and never leave the house. But life beckons us to reluctantly crawl out of our caves, and mustering up the mental and physical energy to get through the day doesn’t come easily to the best of us. We look at three essential vitamins to keep you in tip-top shape this winter.



Vitamin C: Taking regular Vitamin C supplements is the key to a top-performing immune system all winter long. Not only is it a godsend when it comes to warding off colds and flus, Vitamin C also protects and improves the function of cells, supports the absorption of iron and helps to maintain healthy bones, cartilage, skin and teeth.
Vitamin D: According to recent studies, there is in fact a link between Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Vitamin D deficiency, which explains the winter slump. Vital for healthy immunity, energy and mental wellbeing, the vitamin is unfortunately not present in most foods, but relatively high doses can be found in cod liver oil capsules. Battle depression, anxiety, fatigue and muscle aches with this little warrior!
Vitamin B12: Researchers have discovered that individuals with B vitamin deficiency may find themselves more sensitive to cold temperatures. Vitamin B12 is required to make healthy red blood cells that are needed to carry oxygen throughout the body and the result is poor circulation – meaning cold hands and feet and general intolerance to low temperatures. Find high quantities of this nutrient in animal liver/kidneys, nutritional yeast and Vegemite.

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