Wellness at Flow Wellbeing

Flow Wellbeing is the biggest wellbeing centre in New Zealand.

Flow Yoga

Balance, energy, harmony, strength, and growth through yoga. Flow Yoga aims to help you realise your full potential, at whatever stage you are in your yoga journey. With so much choice of class types, and two studios, there is something for everyone. The Earth Studio encourages comforting rest, and the Fire Studio encourages a detoxifying sweat with a state of the art heating system, giving you a selection of room temperatures and class tempos to enjoy.
• Over 65 classes every week
• Covers a broad demographic of ages, from 10 to 100
• Hot and cool classes
• Big and small classes
• Online classes
For more information, visit www.flowyoga.co.nz

Flow Therapeutics

This is a chance for you to relieve pain, relax muscles, increase blood circulation, recover from surgery, training, or accident. The LightStim LED Bed uses light therapy to rebuild collagen levels, improve healing of range of motion, and to help restore the skin. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and a major component of bone skin muscle ligaments and tendons. This non-invasive treatment uses 18000 LEDs comprised of various wavelengths, making it a unique anti-inflammatory therapy. It delivers tighter skin, muscle, and joint pain relief and improves blood circulation, which provides mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

For more information, visit www.flowtherapeutics.co.nz
or call 0800 FLOWWELL


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