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It is good to be back in the office after a refreshing break.

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Looking back at the end of 2023, the market was more stable, with some major banks lowering their longer-term interest rates, and the OCR going on hold.

However, even as the buzz of Christmas and holiday spending increased, talk of the slowly growing economy means that we still are being cautious around the predictions of rate rises and drops ahead of us.

Here at NZ Mortgages, our prediction still stands that the $750k to $1.2m range will grow and continue to be a source of a large amount of the action in the property market, with families looking to buy their next home the predominant source of buyers.

Nathan Miglani, Director NZ Mortgages

The best advice for those in such situations, would be to seek advice from a trusted mortgage adviser, to ensure your financial future is secured before making the move – and knowing that securing a pre-approval is a key step when buying a home.

My team and I are excited and ready to help homebuyers across Canterbury in the new year, whether you are buying your first home, your next home, building, or looking at investing in property. Whatever your goals are, we are here to help.

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