Warmth underfoot: Carpet Binders

As the colder months approach, we wrap ourselves in electric blankets and slippers to stay cosier. It might be time to consider installing warm carpet over hard floors to protect ourselves from freezing temperatures.

Picture this: a family game night, complete with soft cushions to sink into and a Monopoly board spread out on a plush carpet. Laughing and making good memories that last a lifetime.
In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy to forget the importance of creating a cosy space where your family can bond and spend time together.
Well, good news! You can transform this dream into a reality. Carpet area rugs can provide your family with a safe and healthy space to relax in while also nurturing a welcoming atmosphere in your home.
All while keeping electricity costs down.
With the trend towards hard flooring in many new homes, having an area rug that families can play on and engage with children, regardless of age, is paramount for everyone’s health and wellbeing. Hence, we have made a conscious decision to have a range of large bound carpet squares that are made from 100% New Zealand wool, are affordable price-wise, and don’t cost the earth environmentally,” says Rugs for All spokesperson Michelle MacWilliam.
Wool is an incredible material that humankind has used for thousands of years. It’s no surprise that it is still being used in homes today. Working with Wools of New Zealand, Rugs for All provides many wool rugs sourced from sheep farming communities to support them and their future in the industry.
These rugs provide a soft and plush surface that is perfect for children to play on, and they are also naturally hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and resistant to fire, moisture, and dust mites. The team at Rugs for All is committed to providing affordable and safe carpet solutions.
They offer free alterations if the size of the carpet squares does not fit your space, and they have a user-friendly online purchasing system if you can’t come to them. Plus, with their freight-free delivery, they make it easy for customers to receive their carpets directly at their doorstep. Don’t wait any longer to make your home cosier and healthier for your family. Visit the Rugs for All website today and purchase your own wool area rug online.

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